Emma 2022

Meet Emma


High School Choice: 

Fontbonne Hall Academy


High School Plans (Clubs, Classes Activities, etc.) 

Join the choir, the Tusks Rock Band, Drama Club, Journalism Club, Student-Run Newspaper, and Students For Soldiers.


Dream Career: 

Professional Actress and Singer including checking off my dream role of Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton on Broadway.


Greatest Happy Memory of SBCA: 

 The moment before my classmates and I took the hill was and still is by far my favorite moment in Saint Bernadette. Taking the hill is the monumental moment that marks that the 7th graders are about to be the “top” of the school next year in 8th grade. It’s a very special time every year and when it’s your time to take the hill, the excitement and anticipation level is over the top. Back to the moment before, we all had tears in our eyes, some sad, because we were about to embark on our last year together, but most happy and proud of each other and how far we’ve come. In those quick and quiet moments, our genuine love as friends who became family was stronger than ever. Afterward the whole day was a blast: dancing, partying and enjoying with the entire school, but that special moment simply between my friends and me is a moment that will stick with me forever.


Spiritual or Inspirational Message: *

Approach each day with profound kindness and be the change you want to see in the world!


Interests or Hobbies *

Singing, acting, dancing, writing, playing the Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, and basketball.



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