St. Bernadette Catholic Academy offers an integrated, standards based curriculum which consists of a balance within the disciplines of Religion, English, Language Arts (includes Reading), Mathematics, Science (STEM), and Social Studies.  Regularly scheduled classes staffed by specialized teachers in Educational Technology, Italian, Art, Music, and Physical Education, add an essential and vital dimension to student life.  Together with states across the nation, St. Bernadette Catholic Academy is growing in its use and proficiency of the Next Generation State Standards which include rigorous content and application for knowledge through higher-order thinking skills.  

Throughout our Pre-Kindergarten classes for three and four year olds, youngsters are encouraged to develop their own potential in independent and self-disciplined ways.  They enjoy group experiences and are gently guided to expand the areas in which they interact with others, solve problems, and build overall readiness skills.

Our Kindergarten through Second Grade classes are self-contained.  The teachers guide each student toward new experiences and insights.  In this setting, a unified program is implemented in which concepts introduced one year are studied in depth in succeeding years.

The Third through Eighth Grades comprise special years – a time for developing interests and convictions as well as a time when much love and support are essential.  Students are encouraged to interact with each other and with adults.  At the same time they are presented with values that help in the development of their emerging personalities.

St. Bernadette Catholic Academy also conducts a Moms and Tots program twice weekly for moms (or dads) and their two-year old tots.  This program takes place on Mondays and Fridays from late September through May and serves to enhance the interaction between mothers (or fathers) and their children as well as provides an opportunity for socialization among the children.