Mrs. Lamberti

Congratulations to Mrs. Renee Lamberti, SBCA’s First Grade Teacher, who will be retiring and moving on to the next stage in her life! After over eighteen years of service to the children of our school and over 20 years in Catholic education, Mrs. Lamberti is looking forward to her retirement!

It takes a big heart to inspire little minds and in our “World’s Best Class” Mrs. Lamberti certainly shared hers every day with each of her students. From day one of the school year, Mrs. Lamberti told her students that they were members of the “World’s Best Class” with a sign displayed in her classroom. Before long, the children believed it and demonstrated a work ethic and behavior to prove it! To enhance a child’s mind you must first capture their heart. Mrs. Lamberti was a master at this; sometimes with the firm love of a “mom”, at other times with the softly permissive, “okay” of a grandmom, sometimes even with the understanding of a ‘buddy or pal’. But one thing is for sure, Mrs. Lamberti had a gift, and all who worked, played, and prayed with her for 180 school days year after year, were the blessed beneficiaries. Mrs. Lamberti has certainly left her mark on the over 500 children who have been fortunate enough to call her their teacher and the many people fortunate to know her as a colleague!

We will be forever grateful to Mrs. Lamberti for her dedication, tenacity, and love for our children and our school. Mrs. Lamberti has been the quintessential teacher and guide for our first graders. She transfers her love of reading and expertise in literacy to our young people and lets them know that if they can read, they can do anything! She nurtures the children to become independent, self-sufficient, and self-reliant persons. Mrs. Lamberti embodies the mission of SBCA which is to foster the whole child … spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. The first grade, under her tutelage, becomes a community of persons who look out for one another, support, and care for each other.
At our first meeting, Mrs. Lamberti expressed that she considered teaching at SBCA her way of “grabbing the brass ring on the carousel”, but in fact, it was we who grabbed that ring over 18 years ago when she became part of our faculty!
We wish Mrs. Lamberti God’s blessings upon her retirement and the joy that spending time with family brings! – Sr. Joan DiRienzo, MPF Principal