Student Life

Our student body ranges from 390-405 students.  St. Bernadette Catholic Academy provides an atmosphere that fosters religious beliefs and moral values, along with a well-rounded academic education resulting from the care, dedication, and genuine concern of faculty and administration for each child.

Scholastic excellence is achieved by offering a well-balanced curriculum of academic classes regulated by the State of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn.  Thus, in addition to the major subject areas with the curriculum-Religion, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies,  and Science (STEM)- students experience education in the special content ares of Educational Technology, Italian, Art, Music, Latin and Greek Roots Program, and Physical Education.

Our newly installed State of the Arts Labs and STEM curriculum, combined with the use of Chromebooks and Google Classroom in many curriculum areas have enhanced our education and motivated students. 

Students in Grades six through eight, enjoy the use of a 1:1 Chromebook distribution, which allows our students and faculty the opportunity to participate in Google Classroom, an electronic classroom of sorts. Doing so empowers our students to be technologically prepared for the future! 

The academy is also extremely proud to offer eighth grade students the opportunity to participate in honors math and history courses and exams which will apply New York State Regents credit to their high school academic records!

The acceptances and scholarships that our eighth grade students receive prove that our educational program is tried and true.  The class of 2018 received over $663,000 in scholarships!