Parents of students attending St. Bernadette Catholic Academy will pay tuition as agreed to in the Tuition Agreement.

Tuition schedule and other fees are announced in February to current parents. Our tuition schedule shows the tuition scale for the Affiliated Families and Non-Affiliated Families.

In order to be considered AFFILIATED, a family must be Catholic, registered at a Catholic Parish, must regularly attend Mass and use church envelopes contributing a minimum of $500 annually. Additionally, if a family belongs to a parish other than St. Bernadette, the St. Bernadette Catholic Academy office must be supplied a “Statement of Affiliation” which will confirm their affiliation with a Catholic parish and assure that a family has contributed a minimum of $500 to that parish. The Church seal of the parish must be affixed to this Statement.

A NON-AFFILIATED family is either non-Catholic by faith or those who are not registered in a Catholic parish and/or do not meet the minimum annual contribution to a Catholic Parish and/or do not supply the St. Bernadette Catholic Academy office with a “Statement of Affiliation.”

If, perhaps, the plan as outlined above is not suitable for your family needs, please speak with our Tuition Manager at 718-236-1560 to discuss an alternate tuition payment plan.

Tuition payments should be made promptly. All tuition and fees must be paid by check or money order. If there is a financial problem that affects the payment of school tuition, the situation must be brought to the attention of the administration, as soon as possible, so that suitable arrangements may be made.